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Challenge 82: Info

Theme: Hannah Hart (instagram/insta downloader)
Deadline: January 31st 2020 [countdown]

• No sign up needed.
• Comment to this post with your icons.
• You can enter up to 4 icons.
• Icons must be 100x100px and not bigger than 40kb.
• You can use any effects (textures, brushes) you want.
• You can use a picture more than once.
• No animations.
• All comments will be screened.

• Don't post your icons anywhere else until the challenge is over.
• Only new icons are allowed for the challenge.
• You can use any pictures you want.

If you have any questions please leave a comment to this post.
Have fun!

@dudes_ic ---- CHALLENGE 012.
@foodie_itest ---- CHALLENGE 043.
@fusion_contest ---- CHALLENGE 015.
@itssocriminal ---- CHALLENGE 004.
@world_icontest ---- CHALLENGE 51.
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